The Inter-Agency IPv6 Meetings are sponsored by the VA and hosted by the VA IPv6 Steering Committee.  The conference promotes the exchange of current IPv6 guidance, practices and lessons learned among representatives from Federal Agencies involved in the deployment of IPv6.  The purpose of the Meeting is to provide a forum for the free exchange of knowledge and experience among Federal Agencies planning or engaged in the transition of their networks to IPv6.  It is an opportunity for federal agency staff to:

    * Collaborate and share IPv6 lessons learned with other federal agencies
    * Establish IPv6 corporate knowledge contacts
    * Stay current with the IPv6 technology curve
    * Gain knowledge of IPv6 government mandates
    * Identify business requirements and contracting solutions for IPv6
    * Prepare for proper dual-stack deployment
    * Ensure future network technology planning

The Inter-Agency Meeting is held twice a year to benefit the Federal Agency efforts in the Federal IPv6 Transition. We encourage participation by all Federal Agencies. Th agenda for the meetings is defined by the VA IPv6 Steering Committee based on  suggestions from previous  attendees and  concerns voiced by their peers about areas that could affect the Agencies' ability to meet the Federal CIO mandate and a desire for more information.